Know-how : ageing

wine ageing

  • Cuves en Acier Emaillé au Domaine de la Grange
  • Cuve au Domaine de la Grange
  • Les Cuves Rouge en Acier Emaillé
  • Cuve Rouge - Deep Red
  • Fûts de Chêne au Chai du Domaine de la Grange.

Ageing wines at Domaine de la Grange means respect of Nature cycles, in a controlled atmosphere and temperature, in order to preserve and protect the aromas, the complex richness of the molecular assemblage.  Therefore, a closed building is a must if one wants perfection.

For the FITOU (AOP) the ageing lasts nine to ten months.

Vats or Oak Barrels ( 100% renewed each aeging) are selected depending on the selected wine. Ageing can be done in inox steel vats (regulated), in enamelled steel vats (red on the picture) or Oak Barrels. 

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