A little bit of History 

Mediterranean shore

The land of the Domain has an over multi-millenium history of human occupation. Wild Vines existed as far as -600 B.C. . Wine (or so) was traded with Emporia in Spain - a phocean free-trade zone (factory). Emporion  (Emporia, Ampuries) means ... "trading place". . 

Domestic Vineyard and techniques were largely improved later, during the Roman occupation. 

The Domaine itself is crossed by the Via Domitia, a paved Roman road which connects Narbonne to Spain. It is a modernization of an existing track set by the Elisyque, a native tribe that settled the region well before the Roman. 

Domitius, a Roman general and consul ordered the paving of existing tracks to link Rome to its territories in Spain. At the same time, Colonia Narbo Martius, the first Roman settlment in Gaul was founded.

In 118 BC, Domitius is supposed to have declared : "Here, pebbles, drought and wind reign, but you can overlook the Mare Nostrum bathing the Roman shores".

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