The Wines of domaine de la grange

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    • AOC FITOU - VIa Fonteius 2016

      AOC Fitou Via Fonteius 2013 - Organic Wine

      Deep red and dense Robe, a nice nose with dark red fruit notes, light woody touches, long lasting on the palate, it is structured, one identifies the ageing environment with its roasted spicy notes.

    • AOP FITOU Via Fonteius 2012

      AOC Fitou Via Fonteius 2012- Organic Wine

      A beautiful ruby red Robe, an open nose to scents of red fruits with a strong woody touch, the invitation is very nice, crunchy, nicely expressing the fruit, long lasting on the palate, well balanced for a structured tannin, one identifies hints of ageing with spicy notes, a well mastered powerful wine.


      AOC FITOU - Via domitius 2014 - Organic Wine

      A beautiful intense ruby red colour, a nose mostly exhaling deep red fruit, a round first impression on the palate, a large volume and a finish with spicy notes.